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Marker MG Gauge

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Marker Gauge

Bye bye pencil and ruler. Why hello Marker Gauge !

This quirky tool has converted expressions of exasperation to overwhelming joy ever since it was released. The reason is simple – it’s such a brilliant time saver AND it’s accurate!

Marking out is fundamental to cutting a perfect window mount and one of these saviours is included in every kit. It is also available as an accessory.


Marker Gauge £20.00
Marker Gauge and Pencil Pack £22.00

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Pack of four 4H mini pencils for use in the marker gauge.

Pencil Pack £5.00
Marker Gauge and Pencil Pack £22.00
Burnishing Bone BB Burnishing Bone

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Burnishing Bone

finishing touches make all the difference,

what it does and when to use it…

The burnishing bone is the best way to smooth down the slight lifting of raised mount board fibres that can sometimes occur along the edge of a cut. Although almost invisible to the naked eye, such slight imperfections detract from the professionalism of the finished mount if left untreated.

NB. Different mountboard finishes and textures are more susceptible to raised fibres than others so don’t necessarily feel that this is a reflection on your mount cutting skills.

For subtle mount decoration, the bone itself also makes an effective embossing tool. By pressing down on the mount, you can score an indent into the surface of the mount board.

Need more designs? Check out our e-book, Mount Medley Manual

Burnishing Bone £15.00
Burnishing Bone and Corner Gauge Package £32.00
Blades Blades

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Longridge has designed a blade specifically for cutting mountboard with a progressively honed profile. This significantly reduces the chances of scuffing when the body of the blade passes the newly cut edge.

Manufactured from surgical steel, it also has a sharper edge than the traditional 270 general purpose utility blade, providing cleaner cuts for longer.

These blades fit all Longridge cutters and will fit any cutters designed to take the 270 size blade.

Longridge L030

General Purpose 270

Designed specifically to cut mount board

Designed to cut carpet, not mountboard

Rolled to an edge = clean, smooth, easy flow cut

Stamped out = creates friction, requiring more pressure and force

Surgical steel = stronger, durable, longer lasting

Mild tool steel = wears more quickly


Oiled  = leaves oil smears on early cuts


Pack of 50 £20.00
Pack of 100 £35.00

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The specifically designed engineered cutting mat for bevel cutting. 

Why do I need it?

When bevel cutting, you must cut into a cutting medium otherwise you will damage the base and blade tip. It also prevents feathered edges. Avoid at all costs!

By default, tradition has used what is to hand, eg. waste mount board, self-healing cutting mats etc.

“A discipline as specialist as mount cutting merits a similarly specialised cutting medium” says MD Chris Longridge

SprintMat is specifically designed and engineered as a cutting medium for bevel mount cutting. SprintMat fibres are aligned in the direction of the cut.

  1. It is easier to cut with the grain rather than against it. Less force = cleaner cut.
  2. The flat, laminated surface, combined with the aligned fibres, positively help support the blade when cutting and makes for a cleaner, more accurate cut.
  3. The best incentive: All this reduced effort extends your blade’s life!

Midi - Pack of 5, 210 x 610 mm £10.00
Plus - pack of 5, 210 x 855 mm £12.00
Maxi - Pack of 5, 210 x 1080 mm £15.00
Midi - Pack of 20, 210 x 610 mm £30.00
Plus - Pack of 20, 210 x 855 mm £35.00
Maxi - Pack of 20, 210 x 1080 mm £45.00
Mounting Muddles

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Mounting Muddles

Understand why mounting is so essential when it comes to presentation and get some ideas for what to consider when mounting your own work.

Mounting Muddles comprises some answers to those all encompassing questions: What mountboard should I use? How do I measure it out? Should I use a double or single mount? Which colour would be best. What do I use to attach my work to the mount and how do I finish it off? …..

Nb. in order to comply with HMRC VAT Rules from 01/01/2015, ebooks will be sold electronically to UK customers only. Non UK customers will receive a paper copy of the ebook.

Mounting Muddles eBook PDF £12.00
Corner Corner Gauge Corner Gauge

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The Corner Gauge

The ‘Source’ of Longridge

Looking for further satisfaction? Try this clever gismo:

Designed by Christopher Longridge back in 1985, the Corner Gauge is a neat gadget used to measure and position mount decoration.

A simple decoration subtly dresses up your image, giving it an even more exquisite appearance.


Corner Gauge £20.00
Corner Gauge and Burnishing Bone Package £32.00
Mount Medley Manual

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Mount Medley Manual

Would you like to be more adventurous with your mount cutting?

Mount Medley Manual shows you, with step by step instructions, how to cut double mounts, step corners, star mounts and many other different designs. From the basics to beyond … mount your work with style.

Nb. in order to comply with HMRC VAT Rules from 01/01/2015, ebooks will be sold electronically to UK customers only. Non UK customers will receive a paper copy of the ebook.

Mount Medley Manual eBook PDF £12.00
Mount Deco

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Mount Deco

How about a bit of creativity?

Mount Deco develops the fine art of decoration, allowing you to explore your imagination and make a masterpiece of your mount! From simple ink lines to mottled, textured borders and threaded ribbons, this eBook is packed with stimulating designs.

Nb. in order to comply with HMRC VAT Rules from 01/01/2015, ebooks will be sold electronically to UK customers only. Non UK customers will receive a paper copy of the ebook.

Mount Deco eBook PDF £12.00

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Package Deal

All 3 eBooks £30.00

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Bevel Cutter

For cutting bevel edge windows in mount board.

Blades not included (blade shown for illustration purposes only).


Straight Cutter

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Straight Cutter

For cutting mount board to size.

Blades not included (blade shown for illustration purposes only).


Cutter Stops

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Cutter Stops

Extra pairs are great for cutting multiple apertures.

Two pairs £15.00
Four pairs £25.00
Stop set

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Stop set

A mount stop and one pair of cutter stops.

Rails Rails Rails

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Guide Rails

Guide rails for each of the Longridge Mount Cutting Systems. These can also be used to interchange between the Autograph and Signature range.

Colour of guide rail may vary from image colour shown.

Autograph Midi, length 658mm £85.00
Autograph Plus, length 903mm £110.00
Signature Midi, length 658mm £215.00
Signature Plus, length 903mm £265.00
Maxi, length 1258mm £390.00

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Bases for each of the Longridge Mount Cutting Systems.

Colour of base may vary from image colour shown.

Midi £75.00
Plus £90.00
Maxi £115.00
 Set of feet for Base

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Base Feet

Set of ten replacement self adhesive feet for the bases.