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Duo Cutter

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Duo Mount Cutters

Duo Mount Cutters contain everything you need to cut mountboard and card to size.
You can create whatever windows you want from the simplest to the most creative, even decorative V grooving, limited only by your imagination. The resulting mounts are crisp, clean, square and accurate in every way to professional standards.

There are lots of details that make the process easy including a FREE DVD full of instructions, hints and suggestions is provided with your order. You can also find helpful tips on the Information page.

The Duo system has a gauge and rule to mark out, stops and guides to make the cuts accurately and hold the mount securely while you work. The cutters glide along the rail, supported by the SprintMat and the base and cut with minimum pressure.
A fuss free process whether left or right handed.

See an independent review published in EphotoZine -Longridge-Trio-mount-cutter-13805

Whats in the box?

Choose Your Size
The system is available in three sizes, Midi, Plus and Maxi: simply select which size is most appropriate to match your creations:

Midi - Cuts A2, short side A1 and windows to 520mm £245.00
Plus - Cuts A1, short side A0 and windows to 765mm £295.00
Maxi - Cuts A0 and windows to 1120mm £385.00