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Trio System

Trio Mount Cutters have all the features of the Duo - crisp, clean, accurate and simple to use.
All that's needed is included: instructions and demos on a FREE DVD, marking out tools, stops and guides to hold your board. All Trio mount cutters are equipped with calibrated parallelograms which make repeated projects and marking out even simpler. This might be of particular interest to photographers who tend to have several images of the same size. 

Create Panoramic Windows
However the Maxi has a further twist in having twin parallelograms, which make long projects, such as panoramic windows easier still, but also allows smaller work to be accommodated at one end of the system, as easy to use as a smaller system.

Read the review in Digital SLR Magazine - Cut it Out - Longridge Trio Midi
See the step by step guide in PhotoPlus magazine  - Using the Trio Mount Cutter
What PhotoPlus said about the Trio:

"There are all sorts of bevel cutters available and some are easier to use than others. We used the Trio cutting kit from Longridge (www.longridge.co.uk) because it contains everything you need to get started, including a vertical cutter, a bevel cutter, spare blades, a calibrated cutting guide, a tape measure, a pencil and cutting mat. At around £325 it’s not cheap, but it does produce perfect, hassle-free mounts in a matter of minutes, and will save you hours of frustration (not to mention wasted mountboard) if you plan to do a lot of picture framing."


Whats in the box?

The Trio Mount Cutter is available in three sizes:

Midi - cuts A2, short side A1 and windows to 520mm £370.00
Plus - cuts A1, short side A0 and windows to 765mm £435.00
Maxi - cuts A0 and windows to 1120mm £550.00