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Longridge Mount Cutters – a brief history


Our Heritage

The Longridge family has been at the cutting edge of engineering over many generations, be it involvement with Stephenson’s Rocket, British Engine Insurance or Mount Cutting Systems.

(Harry Longridge (Chris Longridge’s grandfather) laying the foundation stone of Longridge House, the head office of British Engine Insurance, 1958)

This present generation of Longridge Mount Cutters maintains that innovative engineering aspect which has been handed down over the last two centuries.


Longridge Innovation

Longridge Mount Cutters was established over 30 years ago thanks to the initial, rudimentary invention of the Longridge Corner Gauge, designed by the managing director himself.

Having represented and supplied several manufacturers’ products over the years, Longridge wanted something better. The present Longridge Mount Cutter was born out of listening to photographers’ and other artists’ needs; a mount cutter a cut above the rest!

Innovation, British design and engineering, production and manufacturing techniques not usually found at the affordable end of the market, fastidious assembly and quality control all have contributed to the success and performance of these products. Employing traditional values with modern engineering, our product is contemporary, precise and effortless. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed making them.

The future offers new potential for further development. We will bring you news of new products as soon as they are ready.

Mount Cutting Demonstrations!

Longridge demonsrate at a number of exhibitions and give evening presentations at many locations through out the UK.

Like to arrange a Demo for your Club, contact