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Longridge Maxi Mount Cutter


Go large, get twin parallelograms! This system provides the same service as the Signature but on a larger scale.

With its stylish burgundy and blue colour scheme the Maxi System is a must for very big images, large multi apertures or those stunning long panoramics. Equally, the Maxi’s versatility ensures it is just as suited for cutting small mounts.

Use both parallelograms in unison for those dramatic large scale pieces. Work at one end for smaller work, using one parallelogram, as easy to use as the Signature Midi. The Maxi gives you the ultimate combination of elegance, jazz and practicability.

The system is designed for left or right handed use (alternative bevel cutter available).

Sheets: Up to 1220mm (48 ins) Windows: Up to 1120mm (44 ins)

Designed to Cut

Sheets: Up to 1220mm (48 ins) Windows: Up to 1120mm (44 ins)
Left or Right Handed

Longridge Maxi System – just as versatile for cutting very small as for very large mounts

Longridge Maxi Contents
Maxi Mount Cutter

Mount Cutting Demonstrations!

Longridge demonstrate at a number of exhibitions and give evening presentations at many locations throughout the UK.

Like to arrange a Demo for your Club, contact