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NEWS FLASH! The Photography Show 2020 has been postponed until
later in the year due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

Each year, for visitors who come to the Longridge Stand at TPS we offer a unique show offer. So, as a special exception to this unprecedented situation we are offering instead a 20% voucher code on all online purchases until midnight 28.03.2020

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Longridge Discount Code


Longridge Mount Cutting Blades


Longridge L030
General Purpose 270
Designed specifically to cut mountboardDesigned to cut carpet, not mountboard
Rolled to an edge = clean, smooth, easy flow cutStamped out = creates friction, requiring more pressure and force
Surgical steel = stronger, durable, longer lastingMild tool steel = wears more quickly
DryOiled = leaves oil smears on early cuts

Longridge Blades are specifically designed for mount cutting

Longridge has designed a blade specifically for cutting mountboard with a progressively honed profile. This significantly reduces the chances of scuffing when the body of the blade passes the newly cut edge.

Manufactured from surgical steel, it also has a sharper edge than the traditional 270 general purpose utility blade, providing cleaner cuts for longer.

These blades fit all Longridge cutters and will fit any cutters designed to take the 270 size blade.

Precision mount cutting blades with progressively honed profile.

Longridge Blades - Pack of 10£10.00
Longridge Blades - Pack of 50£25.00

Mount Cutting Demonstrations!

Longridge demonstrate at a number of exhibitions and give evening presentations at many locations throughout the UK.

Like to arrange a Demo for your Club, contact