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SprintMat Protective Cutting Mats


Why do I need it?

When bevel cutting, you must cut into a cutting medium otherwise you will damage the base and blade tip. It also prevents feathered edges. Avoid at all costs!

By default, tradition has used what is to hand, eg. waste mount board, self-healing cutting mats etc.

“A discipline as specialist as mount cutting merits a similarly specialised cutting medium” says MD Chris Longridge

Specifically designed for mount cutting

SprintMat is specifically designed and engineered as a cutting medium for bevel mount cutting. SprintMat fibres are aligned in the direction of the cut.

  • It is easier to cut with the grain rather than against it. Less force = cleaner cut.
  • The flat, laminated surface, combined with the aligned fibres, positively help support the blade when cutting and makes for a cleaner, more accurate cut.
  • The best incentive: All this reduced effort extends your blade’s life!

Mount Cutting Demonstrations!

Longridge demonstrate at a number of exhibitions and give evening presentations at many locations throughout the UK.

Like to arrange a Demo for your Club, contact