Longridge Mount Cutting Systems Mount Cutters, Mat Cutters, Passe Partout Cutters.

Our Mount Cutters are a great way to enhance and frame your picture or art work. A bevel cut mount that's the right size and colour will draw the viewer's eyes to your picture. This is not always easy to achieve with standardised precut windows.

Although it is possible to cut your own windows with other mount cutters, or even using a utility knife, this is often a frustrating and time-consuming process. It is much easier and simpler to use a Longridge mountboard cutting system, because it does exactly what it should: it cuts "on the line"

Our picture mount cutter provides the means to make individual precision and professional mounts to match your pictures, easily and quickly at an affordable price. The systems come complete with all the tools and accessories and full instructions on a multilingual dvd to cut crisp clean windows straight out of the box.
Contact us for more information. We will help you to find the system that best suits your needs.