Longridge Mount Cutting Systems Mount Cutters, Mat Cutters, Passe Partout Cutters.

Use the Autograph system…

If you are often cutting one-off mounts or if your images vary in shape and dimension and are mounted in a variety of window sizes.

Whether enthusiast or professional, the Autograph will provide you with finesse to create marketable, award winning images.

Use the Signature system…

If your images are generally consistent in dimension and shape and typically mounted in windows of the same size. The parallelogram also provides extra support to the mount which is an added benefit.

For anyone who frequently cuts mounts to the same size, the Signature offers you the flexibility of repeatedly cutting the same size window without having to
mark up each time. The parallelogram is therefore an advantage both in
marking out and cutting of the windows.

Use the Maxi system…

If your images are gigantic and you wish to be able to do large-scale panoramics!

Everything combined; you have the ultimate combination of jazz and practicality. Maxi is a colourful array of excellence.

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